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8 April 2017


How to hide any folder or files in android without any third party app?


Howdy! Finally the exams are over, and thanks to our holy goat it wasn't too bad you know! So I decided to stop wasting time with those shits and do my job, i.e. blogging. Today I'm gonna discuss the easiest way to hide folders or files in android. You may need to hide folders because of your nasty cousin or because of ultra-personal stuffs (you know what I mean). And the best part about the process is that you don't need any third party app. Sounds interesting, no? So alright let the mission begin.

Stuffs You're Gonna Need:
  1. A working android device.
  2. A File Manager (default).
  3. Few fingers to work with.
  4. A Goat (optional).

First of all switch on your phone and unlock it (just kidding). Now open your file manager. For this tutorial, I'm using the default file manager of my Galaxy Y (don't laugh, old is gold).


Next go to your file manager settings and look for the term, Show Hidden Files/Folders. And enable/mark it as shown in the figure below. Then save your settings.


Now rename the existing folder you want to hide or create a new one. I'm gonna hide a pre-created folder named techabrel. While renaming the folder just add an extra dot (.) right before all the characters. And save it. Refer to the following screenshot for better understanding.


After that go to the file manager settings again and disable/unmark  the option Show Hidden Files/Folders. You're all done. The files at the folder will not be viewable at Gallery. Now you don't need to think twice before giving your handheld to your nasty cousin (only if s/he's not reading this article at the same time). But remember, the folder will be noticeable on a computer easily. However, you may also like an awesome article on "Android Super-Ultra-Cool Hidden Secret Codes". For any help don't hesitate to comment or ask me on Google+. Respect all goats. #Peace

Update: You can also hide files from a particular folder, just by adding a .nomedia file in that folder. See: How to create a .nomedia file in android and hide any files.

The cover photo is taken from flickr and it is created by Racchio.

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7 November 2015


5 Awesome Ways to Save Money on Game Purchases

Like most of the other hobbies, gaming has also become a costly affair nowadays. There are so many cost variants like platform, accessories, payment of membership and the whole games itself. In fact the entire game has become costly. The economic turn down has made most of the people temporarily withdraw from gaming. But there are ways to get good deal of money by indulging in games. Here are some ideas to get a better deal on your games.

how to save money on buying apps and games cover

1. Shop smartly

You should make efforts and be patient if you want to shop smartly. Games are having highest price always. But time can make changes in the prices also. As time elapses the value of the games also deteriorates. Because of this, you can see studio games becoming bargain deals over time.

Though the cost of the games drops considerably, the content of the game remains unchanged and sometimes improves. Taking some precautions can help you.

a) Before ordering, think a while. Pre-ordering can make you spend more. Pre-ordering may bring gifts but make sure they are worthwhile.

b) Let the price fall first. Do not try to purchase a game when it has high price. So, let the price fall first.

c) You can get award winning games at a discounted price. So, it is not necessary to wait for a price drop.

d) Use the coupon codes. You can find discount coupons on CouponConnexion which can help you to reduce the price of any games or apps.

2. Search for games on sale

When you purchase games that are on sales, you can be eligible for extra discounts. There are also chances for getting additional contents at a similar price. It is also quite important to know how the sale works before purchasing a game.

Below mentioned are some sales ideas which help you when you are out on shopping.

a) Buy during holiday times: Holidays are times having special sales. You can also expect good savings around this time.

b) Look at the stores: Some stores offer sales on different items at different times. So, check out the gaming sources before making payment

c) Packaged deals: Individual purchases can cost you more. A prepackaged set of games can cost less. So, try to purchase as a lot.

3. Go for used games

Used games are currently the best deals. It may take some efforts and patience to find a used copy of a game. But a good search can help you save good bucks. Here are some places where you can find used games.

a) Ebay: This is a place where you can expect good savings. But you should have patience and skill since the best deals often go for bidding against other buyers.

b) Amazon: This site offers great deal on used games. It is easier to get good price with the Amazon.

c) Games stores: There are stores like electronic retailers which offer games at a discount. Some of them guarantee their used games for a short period.

Before purchasing a used game make sure the sellers has good reputation and also inspect the product for damages. Games which are tied to online accounts cannot be shared.

4. Do not go for Bad games

Some of the games fall short of your expectations. Most of the stores do not accept a returned game if the packaging is removed. So do maximum research before making payment for a game. Here are some methods for avoiding such situations.

1) You can ask for a trial play: Go for a sample trial before making the purchase. By this you can understand the general flavor of the game.

2) Take time to read reviews: By reading game reviews you can determine whether it is worth buying. If a good part of the players do not have good impression, then there are chances for serious flaws.

3) Go for expert opinions: Critics of the games can play a better role. Before the purchase, check for the ratings by a respected source.

5. Games are rentable

Just like movies, some of the games are rentable. Renting a game is a good alternative. It can save you a lot of money. As there is no exchange of ownership, it is great to enjoy a game at a small fraction of purchase cost.

Playing new games always makes thrill. But if you have a little patience and ready to make some extra efforts you can definitely enjoy purchasing a game at lower prices. Nowadays many of the gamers are more conscious of their hard earned money and the down fall in the economic conditions has also made purchase of new games somewhat complicated.

You may consider the above and try to think before making new purchases.

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4 November 2015


Top 20 Amazing Tools For Lazy Bloggers!

top 20 amazing tools for lazy bloggers cover pic

Feeling lazy? Stuck in a blogging rut? Need some help with motivation, inspiration, or organization? Instead of throwing your hands in the air, use these tools to help with each step of the process. From coming up with solid blogging ideas, to creating headlines, and managing your time, there’s something on this list that can help you increase your blogging abilities and create terrific content.

So here's the list of 20 ultimate tools that can help you to manage things up in your lazy times.

Coming Up With Creative Content

Feedly - Feedly is a collection of news articles all on one place. The site lets you personalize your content so you only see articles that are relevant to your interests.

Pocket - Pocket is a handy tool for when you find an article that you really want to read, but you don’t have time to read it. Use Pocket to store it for later. The app can store websites, tweets, videos, or anything else you find online.

Alltop - Alltop is a collection of news articles from all across the web. News articles are divided into categories, as well as by their original website. If you’re looking for pop culture news, you can either use a keyword search, or link directly to Buzzfeed.

Blog Topic Generator - Stuck in a creative block? Use Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator to get a week’s worth of blog ideas. You can enter up to three keywords, and the generator will give you a list of headlines.

Google Trends - Google conveniently compiles all of their trending articles in one place. Head to this website when you need some ideas.


CoSchedule - Evaluate the strength of your headline on a scale of 1-100%. Type in your headline, and then tweak it until you get the highest score possible.

EMV Headline Analyzer - EMV is similar to CoSchedule’s headline analyzer, but it determines the Emotional Marketing Value of your headline. A great headline will score well on both websites.

Time Management & Organization

Toggl - Toggl is great for people who multi-task frequently. The website lets you switch back and forth between projects and creates reports that color code the time on each project. Use it to re-prioritize your time or find areas that are taking too much time.

Tomato-Timer - This simple online tool uses the “Pomodoro Technique,” to break your workload into small, manageable chunks. It also encourages you to take short, frequent breaks.

Wunderlist - Everyone loves a good list. Wunderlist lets you keep all of your lists in one place. You can share the lists with other users or email them to people without an account. Start a “blog ideas,” list, a “headlines” list, or a “references” list.

Evernote - Kick your organizational skills into high gear with Evernote. This one-stop office provides a platform to take notes, set reminders, store emails and important documents, set alarms, and plan every aspect of your life.

Images & Graphics

Haiku Deck - Use Haiku Deck to integrate stunning slideshows into your website. Use them as a compelling visual to enhance your content, or add on as a background for your main page.

Quotescover - Create beautiful quotes of your own, or select from a selection of existing quotes. Set them to your chosen background, and choose a style for the font.

Canva - Canva is a social media image tool that offers images of varying sizes depending on the platform you are using.

Image Suite - This WordPress plug-in searches 9 search engines to find non-copyrighted images for your blog or website.

Editing & Proofreading

EssayMama.com - Avoid any messy mistakes by leaving the editing to the pros. Essay Mama’s team of writers can edit or proofread your finished blogs before you post them.

PlagTracker - Find any instances of plagiarism, and replace them with original content from PlagTracker.

Marketing & Sales

Tweriod - It’s important to make the most of your marketing efforts. Tweriod will analyze your Twitter followers’ activity and tell you when to post for maximum visibility.

Buzzsumo - Use Buzzsumo to determine which social media platforms are best for your content. Type in a keyword, and learn how many times that topic is shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

QuickSprout - Enter your website’s URL address for a full evaluation of your site’s SEO results. The page is on the spendy side (you can spend over $4,000/ month on some plans), but the payoff can be tremendous. The owner claims to have sent over 8 million qualified leads to his clients’ websites.

Hopefully, this list has given you a few new tools to help with the writing process. You might find that some of them work better than others for you. Try to choose one from each category to get started. Add more each week, or as you feel comfortable. And get ready to see your blogging take on new life!

Author: Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator. He draws his inspiration out of the traveling. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.

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22 October 2015


How To Create The Perfect App For Your Business?

As a business owner, you will be well aware of business apps. Every company that wants to exploit the digital age is embracing mobile technology such as apps. The benefits are varied and wide-ranging, and without one, your business has less chance of succeeding. Apps are a no brainer then, but how do you create one?


Firstly, figure out what you want your app to achieve. Creating an app is a lot like creating a business plan or a marketing strategy. You need specific, codified goals and targets that you want to hit. The benefit of recording your strategy is that you can control the creation from start to finish. Even the smallest details can have the biggest effect, so you can ask yourself what difference it will make to the result. In basic terms, a strategy organizes the process and weans out any mistakes.


Don’t assume that your customer base will flock to the app just because apps are popular. Market research is the key to success because it tells you whether there is scope for the new release. Yes, customers do love apps because of their ease and simplicity. However, they might already think that they have their application needs figured out. The result is that they won’t use your app upon release.

What Platform?

Now that you have a strategy and the stats to back it up, you have to make a decision. Are you going to create an app for Android or Apple? The majority of app development is for Android because they are less strict. Plus, Apple only targets a smaller base of consumers. If the decision is just too hard to make, don’t fear. Most developers have the ability to make an app that supports both Android and Apple. That way, you can target both platforms instead of just one.


When the building process begins, it is going to cost you money. What most people don’t realize about app development is how much you need to create a successful application. There is a range of topics that you need to cover if you are going to make the perfect app. Even the small issues need meticulous detail as technological products falter quite easily. The best option is to create a budget with a list of all the expenses, and account for a few more. Hopefully, there will be no surprises in the future.

Get Some Help

Do you know the first thing about building an app? No, then you need to hire an expert. Learning the process can take a lot of time and energy that would be better served elsewhere. An expert can ensure that the process is dealt with quickly and professionally. Then, you can exploit all of the benefits of mobile applications for your business.

Wrapping Up!

Apps are incredibly effective when done properly. When they are done poorly, you might as well not have one. That is why it is important to remember these factors to avoid any mistakes. When it comes to apps, only the best will suffice.

About Author: 

This article was written by a guest author. You can also write for us. Grab your computer, type out some fresh stuff and send us now. You can follow us in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@talentedbanda).

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11 October 2015


How to run brainfuck codes on android?

How to run brainfuck codes on android cover pic

This might sound a little awkward, but yup, brainfuck is a programming language. And it literally sucks the brain (can’t use the f word, so suck will do good, I guess).

Brainfuck is a very different type of programming language that actually operates in codes, instead of human understandable easy syntaxes like ‘Print’ or ‘Echo’ or anything like that.

We don’t work with codes here in techabrel. But here’s a little instance of the brain-sucking brainfuck language. The following program prints Techabrel Rocks when run.


Believe me it’s not an alien language, it’s Brainfuck. Anyway it’s none of our concerns, what we’re here for is to learn how to run brainfuck codes on android.

Basically this programming language can’t be run without an interpreter. So what we need is an android app that can work as an interpreter to run brainfuck. Actually, you know what, it feels pretty awesome that I can use that f word as many times as I want, without actually doing any sin :3

Anyway let’s jump into the tutorial. Here’s a step by step guide on how to run brainfuck programming language on any android device.

1. First of all go to this link and install the brainfuck interpreter app. It's completely free. So no trouble with that. 

installing brainfuck interpreter app from playstore

2. Now simply open the app.

3. And in the greyish area at the top of the app, write down your code. Or if you’re a first-timer, just grab the code mentioned at the beginning of the article and paste it.

writing and interpretting brainfuck code in android app

4. Now press on INTERPRETE button (a blunder, you might say, what's that extra E doing up there).

5. That’s it. The output will be shown the greyish area at the bottom of the app.

P.S. There are many other features of this app. If you press the three dotted menu you’ll find several options containing example BF programs, information about the syntaxes etc. With the BF generator option you can generate a brainfuck code for any preferred text. Pretty cool, eh?

So that’s all we had for this article. If you face any problems you can always ask in the comments or take help from out 24x7 Troubleshoot Helpline. Thank you for your time. Stay Tuned.

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2 October 2015


Best Antivirus and Security Apps for Android

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system that’s running on million devices. Because it’s a large market, so there are a lot of potentials for hackers and attackers who trying to access to your Android devices with specific purposes.

So, a powerful antivirus app for your Android devices is very important. It will help your Android smartphone or tablet stay safe from viruses, malware, adware as well as other malicious programs. However, a lot of antivirus apps for Android out there in the market, and which is the best antivirus app for your Android device?

Top Five Antivirus and Security Apps For Android Devices

In this article, I have listed five best antivirus app for Android. These are the best and reliable and lightweight antivirus app, which will protect your smartphone / tablet from internet threats and phishing activities. So, take a look at the list of five best antivirus app for Android, one by one and select the one you most liked.

360 Security

The first app on this list is 360 Security, a great antivirus app with more than 640 million active users. It’s not only protecting your Android devices from viruses and malicious programs, but also work to boost and optimize your Android devices.

The 360 Security has many features, including antivirus and security; file cleaner; power saver, anti-theft; memory boost; privacy as well as real-time protection.

If you would like to try the 360 Security, visit here to download it from the Google Play store.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Security for Mobile is a good antivirus app for your Android. Developed by a popular company, which offering good antivirus software for computer. The app will scan your Android device and detect threats with its built-in firewall.

 Visit here to download Avast Mobile Security.

AVG Antivirus

Have you tried the AVG antivirus program on your computer? If not, I would suggest you to try it on your computer as it’s a great antivirus program. And it seems the company has expanded their business into the mobile market, by offering the free antivirus app for Android.

It will help you defend against viruses, malware, adware and malicious programs on your Android smartphones / tablets. It also scans your media files to detect threats and give you advise to fix the problem. With the AVG Antivirus, you can easy to backup your apps as well as files with a few steps. In case you don’t want to use AVG app, but still need a software that will help you to backup / transfer files between your Android device and computer, try the Android File Transfer feature on your Windows or Mac OS X.

Visit here to download AVG Antivirus.

Bitdefender Antivirus For Android

It’s a good solution to protect your Android smartphones and tablets from viruses, malware and other threats. The antivirus app comes with a lot great features, helps to protect you from hackers and attackers.

Visit here to download Bitdefender Antivirus for Android.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro is the last antivirus app for Android on this list. It will help you to scan your Android devices 24/7 with many modes, including virus scanner and privacy scanner. You can also manage your apps with App Manager or turn your device into Power Saver mode with a simple click.

If you would like to try the Trend Micro app, visit here to download it from the Google Play store.

I hope you liked the list of top five best free antivirus apps for Android smartphones and tablets. If you have any question about these antivirus software for mobile, feel free to ask me through comments.

About Author:

Alize Camp is a tech writer, who has written a lot of useful article on many categories, including computing, mobile, software and hardware. She is now working on Techfor.us as a manager.

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24 September 2015


How to Backup and Restore Apps & Games in Android?

8 years back in time, a phone was sexy enough if it had a calculator, a stopwatch, a unit converter and a few classic games. Today a phone isn’t a phone, if it doesn’t have Whatsapp, Instagram and a few hardcore multiplayer games, 3-4 browsers and 2-3 music players. Today a girl doesn’t wake up without taking a selfie with a random, multifunctional camera app. So time has changed.

how to backup and restore apps and games in android coverBut factually we have nothing to do with time, or that girl or that random, multifunctional camera app. What I wanted to say is, today a phone is nothing but a garbage-box, without apps. And if you’re using android, Playstore should be your best mate. Because, whatever apps you need, you’ve gotta install it from Playstore! And that, sometimes, can be a pain in the bum. Suppose you need a specific music player. You’ll go search in Playstore, install it and use it. Now after a few days you’re bored with that player and you decide to try something else. So you uninstall that app and download a new player from Playstore. But you don’t like it either and you wanna reinstall the previous one. So to do that you have to install that app again from Playstore, wasting your time and data. Hence comes the pain.

A better way to save both time and data is to backup an app for future use. So that you don’t have to reinstall that app wasting your data, if you need it later. 

In this article you’re gonna learn how to backup and restore an app or game in android without root.

So how to do that?

There are many applications in the store that helps you backing up apps and games. Almost all of those are free and functions in the same way. I’m working with a specific one, you can choose to use any other application.

Backing Up an App:

1. First of all, switch on your device (this is a must, you can’t skip this step).

2. Now install this app from Playstore.

3. When done, open the app. In the app you’ll see a bunch of apps that you can select.

4. Tap to select the app(s) that you wanna backup.

selecting apps to backup snapshot

5. And now press on Backup.

6. Wait a few secs, the selected apps will be backed up. Easy breezy.

backing up apps in android
7. By default the backed up apks are stored in the path – Storage / Internal Mem. or SD Card / App_Backup_Restore. You can also manually set the path. To do that go to Settings (by tapping the sexy looking three vertical-dots). Then click on Backup Path and choose your desired path.

setting the backup path in android
P.S. There’s another option in the app called Auto Backup on Installation. If you turn on this option, this app will automatically perform backup, whenever a new application is installed. To do that, simply open the app and go to Settings > Auto Backup.

Restoring an App.

When you backup an application, its apk file is stored in the memory. To restore it, all you have to do is, reinstall that apk and that’s it.

So go to the folder where the app is backed up. Which is by default: Storage / Internal Mem. or SD Card / App_Backup_Restore. Now select the desired app and install it. That’s it! Your favorite app is now restored.

You might get a security warning saying that Installation is Blocked. It’s because by default your system is configured not to install app from any third party sources other than Playstore!

To bypass this warning, go to Settings > Security and then tick on Unknown Sources. If prompted click Okay.

Over to you.

Now you know how to backup any installed app and then restore it even after uninstalling. Try it out yourself and if you face any trouble, take help from our Troubleshoot Helpline!

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