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Instagram to hide like counts!

The What: So Instagram is planning to hide like counts on their app. They will be rolling this (feature?) out to a limited set of users on the United States only. Only the creator will be able to view like count of his/her post. After testing for a few days, the future of this feature will be decided. The rollout should start within 1 week. The Why? According to the CEO, they want to make the Instagram ecosystem less competitive and reduce their users' stress.  Conclusion The like count is responsible for people's dopamine surge. So this step, though a healthy one, might affect many people's business negatively.
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How to hide any folder or files in android without any third party app?

Credit: Racchio H owdy! Finally the exams are over, and thanks to our holy goat it wasn't too bad you know! So I decided to stop wasting time with those shits and do my job, i.e. blogging. Today I'm gonna discuss the easiest way to hide folders or files in android. You may need to hide folders because of your nasty cousin or because of ultra-personal stuffs (you know what I mean). And the best part about the process is that you don't need any third party app. Sounds interesting, no? So alright let the mission begin. Cool Article: 5 Damn Awesome Android Launchers you can't Miss! Stuffs You're Gonna Need: A working android device. A File Manager (default). Few fingers to work with. A Goat (optional). F irst of all switch on your phone and unlock it (just kidding). N ow open your file manager. For this tutorial, I'm using the default file manager of my Galaxy Y (don't laugh, old is gold). N ext go to your file manager settings and loo

5 Awesome Ways to Save Money on Game Purchases

Like most of the other hobbies, gaming has also become a costly affair nowadays. There are so many cost variants like platform, accessories, payment of membership and the whole games itself. In fact the entire game has become costly. The economic turn down has made most of the people temporarily withdraw from gaming. But there are ways to get good deal of money by indulging in games. Here are some ideas to get a better deal on your games. 1. Shop smartly You should make efforts and be patient if you want to shop smartly. Games are having highest price always. But time can make changes in the prices also. As time elapses the value of the games also deteriorates. Because of this, you can see studio games becoming bargain deals over time. Though the cost of the games drops considerably, the content of the game remains unchanged and sometimes improves. Taking some precautions can help you. a) Before ordering, think a while. Pre-ordering can make you spend more. Pre-ordering

Top 20 Amazing Tools For Lazy Bloggers!

Feeling lazy? Stuck in a blogging rut? Need some help with motivation, inspiration, or organization? Instead of throwing your hands in the air, use these tools to help with each step of the process. From coming up with solid blogging ideas, to creating headlines, and managing your time, there’s something on this list that can help you increase your blogging abilities and create terrific content. So here's the list of 20 ultimate tools that can help you to manage things up in your lazy times. Coming Up With Creative Content Feedly - Feedly is a collection of news articles all on one place. The site lets you personalize your content so you only see articles that are relevant to your interests. Pocket - Pocket is a handy tool for when you find an article that you really want to read, but you don’t have time to read it. Use Pocket to store it for later. The app can store websites, tweets, videos, or anything else you find online. Alltop - Alltop is a collection of new

How To Create The Perfect App For Your Business?

As a business owner, you will be well aware of business apps . Every company that wants to exploit the digital age is embracing mobile technology such as apps. The benefits are varied and wide-ranging, and without one, your business has less chance of succeeding. Apps are a no brainer then, but how do you create one? Strategy Firstly, figure out what you want your app to achieve. Creating an app is a lot like creating a business plan or a marketing strategy. You need specific, codified goals and targets that you want to hit. The benefit of recording your strategy is that you can control the creation from start to finish. Even the smallest details can have the biggest effect, so you can ask yourself what difference it will make to the result. In basic terms, a strategy organizes the process and weans out any mistakes. Research Don’t assume that your customer base will flock to the app just because apps are popular. Market research is the key to success because it tells y

How to run brainfuck codes on android?

This might sound a little awkward, but yup, brainfuck is a programming language. And it literally sucks the brain ( can’t use the f word, so suck will do good, I guess ). Brainfuck is a very different type of programming language that actually operates in codes, instead of human understandable easy syntaxes like ‘Print’ or ‘Echo’ or anything like that. We don’t work with codes here in techabrel. But here’s a little instance of the brain-sucking brainfuck language. The following program prints Techabrel Rocks when run. +++++++++[>+++++++++<-]>+++.+++++++++++++++++.--.+++++.-------.+.++++++++++++++++.-------------.+++++++.<++++++++[>---------<-]>----.<+++++++[>+++++++<-]>+.<+++++[>+++++<-]>++++.------------.++++++++.++++++++. Believe me it’s not an alien language, it’s Brainfuck. Anyway it’s none of our concerns, what we’re here for is to learn how to run brainfuck codes on android . Basically this programming language can

Best Antivirus and Security Apps for Android

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system that’s running on million devices. Because it’s a large market, so there are a lot of potentials for hackers and attackers who trying to access to your Android devices with specific purposes. So, a powerful antivirus app for your Android devices is very important. It will help your Android smartphone or tablet stay safe from viruses, malware, adware as well as other malicious programs. However, a lot of antivirus apps for Android out there in the market, and which is the best antivirus app for your Android device? Top Five Antivirus and Security Apps For Android Devices In this article, I have listed five best antivirus app for Android. These are the best and reliable and lightweight antivirus app, which will protect your smartphone / tablet from internet threats and phishing activities. So, take a look at the list of five best antivirus app for Android, one by one and select the one you most liked.